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 “Rube Goldberg was the Christopher Columbus of the screwball contraption, finding a way to get from point A to point B by traveling through all the other letters of the alphabet.”  
-Art Spiegelman, author of Maus 


Welcome to The Jfest StoryMachine

Inspired by Rube Goldberg, our JFest StoryMachine will take you on an interactive digital journey. Jump in, take the unexpected road less traveled, and help us tell your Story of Home, shaped by the things that hold special meaning for you.


   1.   Hover over a letter and the magic of the machine will invite you to add to your Story of Home. 
   2.   Complete some or all the questions along the way, as you explore the machine, enabling it to complete its task. 
   3.   Unlock the door to our digital library at letter S, revealing the resilience and richness of our extended
       communities through the power of your shared stories. 
   4.   Browse our library anthology powered by stories. 
   5.   Ready….Set….Begin with letter A

How it works

The JFest StoryMachine will prompt your thinking and invite you to share your stories. 


Home is where memories are made and stories come alive. let the journey begin, looking back while moving forward as a flower ( A ) blooms and a single petal falls off, floating through the air and awakening a sleeping cat ( B ) who then strolls into the kitchen and stretches his paw, turning the dial that lights the stove and brings a pot ( C ) to boil. meanwhile, THE CAT HEADS UPSTAIRS, WAKING UP THE SLEEPING CHILD ( d ) WHO PUTS ON THEIR SHOES ( e ) AND WALKS DOWN TO THE LIVING ROOM, WHERE THEY TAKE A SIP OF HOT COCOA OUT OF THE MUG ( f ). when THE MUG IS LIFTED, A RED BALL ( g ) ROLLS OFF THE TABLE AND DOWN THE STAIRS, BOUNCING INTO THE DESK ( h ) WHICH KNOCKS THE CAMERA ( I ) into the bookshelf ( J ) setting off a domino effect and causing a dictionary ( K ) to fall open onto the table. THIS HITS A MATCHBOX, SENDING A SINGLE Match ( L ) flying into the air and lighting shabbat  candles ( M ). The Flames illuminate a family portrait ( N ), bringing it to life with color and movement as it sways, a key ( O ) falls off the frame and into a keyhole, opening a door ( P ) to a narrow stairwell ( Q ) leading to a secret Library ( R ) full of stories of home. Use the pencil ( S ) to share and enjoy.

The stories that you share with us will become part of our community anthology, Stories of Home, for all to enjoy. 
We respect the privacy of every person who visits the JFest StoryMachine website and we are committed to ensuring a safe online experience.
We will only use your email to inform you that your stories have been published to the digital library. 

JFest StoryMachine is a part of JFest, a Signature Program of JCC Association of North America.

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